As an independent data science consultant, I provide services on an as-needed basis. There's a ton that can be done when it comes to utilizing your data. Don't worry if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for; figuring that out is part of what I do!

I'm experienced with many aspects of data science and am prepared to offer several services, either alone or in conjunction with one-another:

Machine Learning

The most useful aspect of artificial intelligence, with endless applications. Machine learning involves using data to train algorithms to make predictions. Some applications include making predictions, automating tasks, image recognition, finding patterns/groupings, and much more.

Statistical Analysis

How do we know what data means? Statistical analysis is a core component of data science which entails looking for patterns, trends, and generally interpreting data.

Data Preparation

The nitty-gritty, and often most time-consuming task in any data science project: getting the data into a form you can actually use. Programmatically clean up and transform data into something useful.

Scientific Research

Data science… for scientists! Modern research often involves large datasets and data processing tasks. Data science can be used to more effectively analyze large datasets, make processing tasks easier, and extract the most from your data.

Predictive Modeling

Use known results (data) to compile models that can predict future outcomes (even if they’ve already occured). For example: predicting clinical outcomes, stock prices, future revenue, and making diagnoses.

Data Visualization

The art of turning data into descriptive and pleasant visualizations. There are a multitude of ways to visualize data in static, animated or interactive forms, for anything from effective presentations to technical publications.

How Do We Start?

Consulting Process Image

So how does the process of actually contracting a consultant work?

I typically offer an initial discussion (free of charge), where we'll introduce ourselves, go over what you are looking for / the problem(s) you want to solve, the context general context (business function, what the research is, etc.), and each of our expectations. We can meet either in person, or over video chat (whichever is preferred).

Afterwards, I'll ask you to provide me with a sample of your data (I'll sign an NDA if desired). I will conduct some initial data analyses to gauge what's possible, and to devise potential strategies.

Next, we'll meet back up and go over the initial assessment. I'll propose solutions, and we'll go over the specifics of the project including: the scope, deliverables, timelines, fee structure, and any questions or concerns we might have. If all is satisfactory we can draw up a contract and get started!

Note: if it appears that what you are looking for isn't possible given the data, now's when I'll tell you; one of my goal with this process is to avoid wasting your time and money.

Now the fun begins, and I get digging into the main project. What this involves depends on the project, but often involves accessing the full dataset, data preparation, additional statistical analyses, modeling, additional discussions, and deliverables. I'll be adding some project examples here soon.

What's your fee?

One of the main advantages to contracting an independent consultant is the reduced cost. I have very little overhead, so for the same work I can charge significantly less than a large consulting firm would.

When it comes to fee structure I'm happy to work with you to find something agreeable. For example, I can charge hourly, on milestone, or on project completed.

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