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What We Provide

Data Preparation

Raw data usually needs preparation before it can be fully analysed. I can take raw data and turn it into something useful.

Analysis and Modeling

Data has a story to tell. I use it to find insights, and construct machine learning and statistical models to make predictions and find trends.

Visualization and Reporting

Clear and nuanced deliverables are crucial. Tailored to the audience, I will create visualizations and reports to summarise any findings.

About David Blumenstiel

Data Science Consultant

As a data scientist with a diverse scientific background, I have cultivated a highly analytical mindset, and desire to learn. I excel at digging into the data and extracting useful insights.

I possess a Master's Degree in Data Science from City University of New York. I program primarily with R and Python, and am familiar with all modern machine learning and data science packages.

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Plant Disease Identification via Continuous Learning

Designed a computer vision model for plant disease diagnosis. Utilizes a novel continuous learning technique, developed in-house. Achieved 97%+ categorical accuracy.

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Mass Spectrometer Signal Analysis

Developed scripts for processing the signal data generated via Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. Developed for use in analyzing trace element concentrations in the hair of ancient Andean Mummies.

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Grid Load Modeling

Created models to predict load on a power grid. Examined the relationship between weather and load.

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Wildfire Visualization / Web App

Created a web app with visualize global fire statictics over time.

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Wine Sales Prediction

Modeled the relationships between the characteristics of different wines, and number of sales.